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MOJO AM730 is changing … again.

May 31st, 2006

So yesterday morning I was listening to Mojo 730 (Sports) on my way into work as usual. Then when I leave work I did the same .. but to my surprise it was just soft rock with some commercials intermixed about a change coming.

MOJO am730 logo

Today I found an article in the Vancouver Sun that sheds some light on the subject:

— snip —

Vancouver’s lowest-rated radio station, Mojo Sports Radio (AM 730), was yanked off the air Tuesday as its parent company announced it is scrapping current programming in favour of a continuous traffic report format, pulling the plug on several veteran sports personalities — including John McKeachie and JP McConnell.

— snip —

Full article

Sounds like they’ll still be covering the Vancouver Giants games though…

— snip —

The station will also broadcast play-by-play Vancouver Whitecaps, Giants and Seattle Seahawks games, as well as delayed CKNW programs.

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Apparently they had the lowest ratings of any Vancouver Radio Station. Sorry to see them go. We’ll miss you Moj!

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