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U2 – Veritgo 2005 – Seattle show

April 27th, 2005

The show was awesome. A great mix of old and new songs!

U2 Light it up.

I don’t have time to post a full review right at the moment, but here is the setlist from the April 25th show in Seattle. I’ll be adding a review as I get time.

City of Blinding Lights
Beautiful Day
The Ocean
New Year’s Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You can’t make it on your own
Love snd Peace or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet the Blue Sky/The Hands that Built America
Running to Stand Still
Where the Streets have no Name

1st Encore
Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways (Bono and Adam bullfighted, apparently the first time it’s been done)

2nd Encore
All Because of You
Original of the Species
Vertigo (Yes! .. they played it again)

The show was great as yo can tell from the setlist. Some oldies came out of the bag, some I wasn’t sure I would see played live again.

Kings of Leon started things promptly at 7:30 and gave a good set. I had listened to some of their stuff before the show, so I actually recongized some of the stuff they were playing. As a surprise Eddie Vedder (lead singer of Pearl Jam) came up and sang the last song with with Kings of Leon. He came out pounding a couple Tambourines together .. so much so he broke 3 or so of them before tossing each into the crowd. They left at roughly 8pm and then the stage was cleared for the main act.

I wasn’t sure how opening with City of Blinding Lights would be but it was waaay better than I thought. The new light screens add a new effect too .. you can see the band while they add something visually pleasing.

After the slow build-up they through it into overdrive and kicked out with Beautiful Day, Vertigo and Elevation . Using the new in-stage lighting. They don’t *need* to use it, but doing so adds/helps to boost the emotion factor that much higher.

A great surpirse came when they started into Gloria from the October album. This is one of the gems I didn’t think I’d see live.
They then kicked it back with the slow The Ocean from Boy. The stage was lit up all blue with different shades fading in/out.. almost.. ocean-like.

More to follow…

Click Here for some other Fans reviews of the show. Sounds like it may have been the best show yet.

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