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November 6th, 2004 No comments

A couple weeks back I posted a link to a site that showed the differenceces between the Star Wars original release, the 1977 re-release and the 2004 DVD release. I know have all 3 links and decided to post them together:
Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope
Star Wars – Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars – Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi

George Bush – Sunday Bloody Sunday – Someone has stitched together George Bush sound bites so it seems as if he’s singing U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Oceans 12 – Trailer for Oceans 12 .. Out Dec 10, 2004 🙂

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Star Wars – Episode III Teaser Trailer

November 5th, 2004 No comments

Enjoy 🙂

Star Wars – Episode III Teaser Trailer ( 11MB ) You can Right-Click and Choose Save as to save it to disk first if you like

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